Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Stress

I'm in community college. I know many people would be horribly embarrassed to admit that but I'm rather proud of my college beginnings.

I attend two community colleges, one I receive financing for and the other I don't. This means some classes are paid for because of my college loan, but the ones at the self-financed college are not because - well I'm self-financing.

Now here's the problem. Since I have student loans, I am unable to get book vouchers to have the books I need applied to my loan. I have to pay for the books out of my own pocket which completely sucks. I spent 2 hours today at a college bookstore trying to pay $358.57 for 2 college textbooks. Shouldn't have taken 2 hours that was mainly the fault of AMEX who has the absurd belief that paying off your balance is an act of terrorism. (Operator told me with full snooty attitude on high that they have the right to not apply payment for 21 days even when the bank sends the money to be sure that the money really has been sent. So having it removed from my account and sent to you electronically is not enough?!?!? Next month I'm going to pay it with a check at the store and hopefully that will work better.)

I still need 2 other textbooks and I'm flat broke. Unless I want to play pay-a-bill-skip-a-bill, I'm going to need a miracle to have a good semester. I paid over $100 last semester for a book I used for 6 weeks (summer session) and got back $23 from buyback. Ain't life grand. I don't have a man but I can always enjoy a good screw from someone if I look hard enough. ;)

Thankfully, I joined on with a program and I got the books for one class for free but the other 2 classes, I'm not really confident of getting my books. I hope to do the skip-a-bill thing and pay for it next month. The paycheck upcoming I can't play around with because that's my rent check and I have two other bills on it that come out automatically from my checking account so there's no real give on this check.

Hopefully, everything will work out well and I won't get too many marks against my credit just to get my college education.

Watching the Olympics and rooting for May-Walsh to get the gold in beach volleyball. I can hear the buzzer for some laundry and know I need to put it into the dryer so I can be done with it but honestly it will get all wrinkly. No hope for it as I started the load to late to avoid this. I'm really sleepy and know I won't be getting up to unload until the morning.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rambling On

I got a B in Anatomy & Physiology I. I wanted an A to make Fall Semester easier but I didn't get that.

I did get an A in Psychology and my professor's encouraging words really influenced me. So much so I decided to major in Psychology as well as International Business/Finance. I sent her an email telling her what her kind words did to me and she responded with thanks but then went on to say I should join Psi Beta, the psychology honor's society.

Umm... yes please. I would dearly want to get some scholarships and like many other academics I want letters by my name and the acceptance of my peers (you know the intelligencia). Always nice to know you're wanted.


At work, Paula has moved over to the numbers side. At work Accounting (the dept I work in) is on one side of the space and everyone else is on the other. Paula D. has moved over to the numbers side and it's great. She's so sweet and funny and she puts up with me. I just simply love having her here.


Now that I don't have to drive into another city for school 4 days a week I have the time and inclination to go to the movies. Here are my thoughts on the movies I've seen recently.

Dark Knight

Rocked balls. They wrote a really great script which is 90% of the great movies and they sensibly kept the special effects as only frosting to a well made cake of a movie (only 2-10%).

I really think Albert is underrated in this movie ashis speech about how some men just want to see the world burn is totally true. I liked how they mixed real personality with the characters and didn't lose focus by getting caught up in the cartoony nature of the villains.

Rating: A+


More Will Ferrell retardation which I love. He's one of the few actors whose movies I must see the first 2 weeks they open but I'm in no way inclined to see it again. This movie will be added to that list.

Really good script and I like how they mocked the Peter Pan men that roam the earth. The white poop licking wasn't necessary but made the ending make more sense and let's face it if you can't end a movie by using children to beat other children then you're not in America.

Rating: B

Pineapple Express

Seth Rogan et al. are growing on me. He's the new Will Ferrell in that he knows his body isn't the best and he knows just how to reveal it to get a laugh but not seem like he's making fun of himself. The script rocked balls and made the movie. The script was 95% - 98% of the movie and the special effects were virtually none exsitent. The other percentage was the acting and how these crazy people all fit together.

I didn't want to see this movie because there was little released about the movie and I don't like Seth Rogan flicks but I'm going to have to go to Blockbuster and rent some because I have new respect for him. The entire reason I saw this movie was because James Franco was in it and I just love the way he gives face to the camera.

You know how Johnny Depp manipulates his face and Jim Carey over does it? That's James Franco and he simply rocks. I love him and he's the reason I didn't waste $8 but spent 2 lovely hours cracking up in the theatre.

Rating: A+

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Really cute but absolutely predictable and I didn't like the acting at all. None of the girls really stood out except the goth chick and that was only because she was dating that really cute Asian guy that was in 21 (The Vegas card counting movie).

Absolutely nothing special. See this on video or give it a miss.

Rating: D


I've been trying to lose weight for many moons now and haven't been able to lose an ounce. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency and it impaired my ability to lose weight. Once it was corrected I suddenly lose 20 lbs overnight for no reason. Then I started eating grits and gained back 10, so I threw out all the grits and haven't eaten any sense.

I'm a huge fan of the BBC America show, You Are What You Eat and decided to look to see if there was a book at my libarary from the show and sure enough there was. I really like this plan as it's something I can do for the rest of my life and lets me eat a variety of foods and doesn't require me to look like a fool if I go out with my friends.

So I'm going to buy the book from Amazon and incorporate it in my life and hopefully I will lose weight.

However, a major part of losing weight is exercise. I meant to start working out on Monday but keep forgetting to get on that first thing when I wake up. Without that I don't get it done and so I'm berating myself. I really want to lose weight... but am afraid I am not committed to doing what it takes to lose the weight.

That's about it.