Friday, June 6, 2008

Ninja Warrior & OT

So I had to run company errands today and it was awesome. I got to kill over an hour by taking the company car for an oil change and inspection. It rained like God down an entire keg before sex and his split stream wetted the world.

Before that I ran to the post office and chatted up the lady in line who was considering retirement. We chatted for a bit and I'm pretty chatty the PO closes at 4:30 and it was 4:00. I turned for a brief second and saw about 5 people in line. I always hate those people who chat on when I'm waiting in line so I immediately stopped midsentence and said goodbye. She started to keep talking and then stopped and said goodbye in answer to my see you later and she called the next person. I know working for the PO sucks royally but don't liven up your day at other people's expense. That was rude of her to talk to me when others are waiting. You could tell these people were rarin to go. I was the only one in line when I started and suddenly 6 people arrive and do the revving thing where they constantly think they can step up and then stop and then start then move back and bounce in place. It was cute but I've been there so I walked.

Right now I'm getting my transvestite fix from watching Ninja Warrior. I'm not sure how ass backward America is in relation to other cultures and sex but Japan just comes right on out there. They've got like four of them though on the most recent shows they have none. I really miss them they were the highlight of the show with their outfits and flexibility and hard muscles.

God bless the gays they are the only men who know how to flaunt themselves.

I worked out twice this week and loved it. I did a Body Pump class where I lifted weights for 45 minutes and came out feeling like I'd done something. Last time I took this class I used 1 pound weights on the end of my bar. Every one said how they had to soak after their first class and how tired they felt. I left feeling like whatever. This time I almost went to 2 & 1/2 pounds on each end instead I did two 1 pound weights and left completely tired and sore. I love that feeling it's great.

Today I did Body Combat which I also loved even though I was obviously the odd man out with my retarded mind not able to get the moves until well after everyone else was doing them but I felt like in a week or so I'd be able to do them. I didn't give up and it was a fun class.

I switched over to BBC American and am now watching That Mitchell and Webb Look. This show is so funny. I love British culture and they mock it so lovingly. They are thorough and don't miss a trick.

I'm tired and just found out that I have to work extra hard next week due to our home office not telling my boss he would be missing work for audits right before his vacation. So I'm going in over the weekend and working and I'll be going in during the week and working as well. I still haven't gotten my government stimulus check yet and need as much OT as I can get.

Oh yeah, the CEO of my company told me that they'd figured out a way to pay for my college classes. I was ecstatic. I'm going to be reimbursed and be able to pay on my loan or have a good time in Paris. Which ever makes more sense.

We'll see how adult I am later in the blog.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gardening is a Spark a Minute

I've got a garden in my patio. It's pretty unusual to have a garden except when you have a house, even townhouses don't come with gardens but thankfully I do have one and it's my first.

The problem is I don't want to spend the money on the supplies to get my garden in shape. I need a shovel in order to dig up the crap (rocks, hard useless dirt, clay, roots, and other debris) that currently makes my garden.

I used a reference from a co-worker to get a yard guy and he stopped by and looked at my garden and said he would dig it up, put down fresh dirt, and haul off the old for me all for the bargain price of $75. That's a bit much but I was willing to pay for it mainly because it saved me time. I work 8-5 Mon-Fri and 2-9 Sat & Sun on top of that I'm in college full time. This means whatever time I have to spare, I spend sleeping.

Unfortunately, the guy is technically 2 weeks late and I decided to do it myself. That means I needed the tools to do the job which is not what I wanted. What am I going to do with a shovel after I'm done with it? This was swiftly corrected by a little known fact. Men love shovels.

I have no idea why, what the shovel signifies within the male psyche but men have multiple shovels. I asked my boss and he said sure he'd loan me a shovel but which kind did I need. I only know of two the smooth edge and the pointy one. I said the pointy one so I wouldn't need a hoe. He nods and says he'll bring it for me and he did. I also told my coworker at my w/e job and he let me borrow the smooth edge one. During both of these asking conversations I was made to feel an idiot for not having a shovel of my own as apparently in man culture you are given a shovel to symbolize your entrance into adulthood whereas women get tampons that they bled on and then throw away.

I must say I like the man culture tradtion much better.

My apt. complex specifically said they loved their tenants to garden in the spaces provided but they didn't want the unwanted dirt just thrown willy nilly anywhere or thrown into the dumpsters. When the dump trucks come the dirt goes everywhere and it kills the grass if it sits there in the heat for days on end. So I need to dump the dirt and I don't have a wheelbarrow or a sweet yard guy to cart it off for me.

How did I resolve this problem? I moved recently and still have boxes laying around. I put a trash bag in a box and put the dirt in there. I need like 12 more boxes to make this technique really work but it's all I got for now.

I've recently bought a digital camera so I'm hoping to take pictures as my garden progresses. It will make me feel like Tim from Home Improvement. Remember when they shows his progress with the car and how it had taken him like 4 seasons to build it. Le sigh.

Anyways, it's 9pm which is perfect gardening time during the summer in Texas so I'm off to hoe and dig. Then back in to sleep to rise early and work out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still No Exercise But Learning is Occurring

So I still haven't managed to get to the Y to work out but I'm aiming for tomorrow. I really want to work out more but I just don't have the time. Two jobs and full-time school can put a crimp in someone's schedule.

When I'm done writing I'm going to finish watching Family Guy (Stewie's into gymnastics, Mr. Pewterschmidt has lost all his money, and Peter is showing his strict Catholic father's neglect by being all needy around his super-mean father-n-law. [Why would someone keep salt and barbwire together in a jar?]), put out my clothes for tomorrow, then go shower and go to bed. My energy is highest in the mornings so I need to be ready to go in the morning and then head out or else I'll never work out.

I decided against testing out of my computer science course and taking it. It's uncertain if the college I want to attend will take the credit without the grade as that's done on a case by case basis. If I take the class I'm pretty much guaranteed an A since I know the majority of the material already. That's a win-win situation whereas the testaking leads a stress-maybe win- possbily lose-situation. Gambling's only fun with other people's money.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No Exercise & The Run Around

I have not worked out since the last spinning class. That class made me soooo tired and gave me a cramp in my right calf muscle that lasted for three days.

Due to work pressures and rushing to finish my last assignment for my mini-mester I didn't have time to work out during the week. I feel really bad. I need to lose a massive amount of weight and even though I'm eating much healthier than I have in the past I have trouble losing weight due to a vitamin D deficiency. I really need to exercise to change my metabolism.

Now that I'm working out I notice that I'm starving sooner than usual and my blood sugar drops accordingly. This means I'm really hungry and not just bored out of my mind by another day at the office.

I meant to go work out yesterday but due to the run around I didn't have time for that either.

I start Summer I session class on Monday and needed to get my books as well as have the book store buyback the books I already purchased.

I got back $200 bucks for the books I spent $500 on, which isn't that bad. I bought a teacher's edition by accident (darn Amazon) and one book had been discountinued so the college bookstore didn't give me anything for those books but their off-site bookstore rival did ($35) so I'm pretty happy.

I used book vouchers ($500) to pay for the books for the four classes I've signed up for. I've also signed up for some MicroSoft courses. I'm helping everyone at work with their spreadsheets and things so I might as well be able to prove to the world my MS competency. I'm taking the MS Word and Excel courses so I can take the MOUS exam for those lines. Then I'm going to take the PowerPoint and Access lines next year. These classes end in October right before I leave for Paris in November so I'm pretty happy that I'll be certified before I go.

I've got my History and Computer Science book in a brand new back pack I purchased. I wanted something different from the massive purse I've been carting around. This is a wheelie backpack which is the kiss of death on school campuses everywhere because of its nerd association, but I love it. I've got it filled to the brim with books and I'm rocking on with it. Usually, I read magazines while at work (What? Don't judge me. It's the perk of being an operator.) but today I'm going to read my text books so I'm ahead of the game. When classes start tomorrow, I'll be ready to rock and roll from the beginning.

Yee Haw!!!!!! Let's get this party started folks!!!