Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Stress

I'm in community college. I know many people would be horribly embarrassed to admit that but I'm rather proud of my college beginnings.

I attend two community colleges, one I receive financing for and the other I don't. This means some classes are paid for because of my college loan, but the ones at the self-financed college are not because - well I'm self-financing.

Now here's the problem. Since I have student loans, I am unable to get book vouchers to have the books I need applied to my loan. I have to pay for the books out of my own pocket which completely sucks. I spent 2 hours today at a college bookstore trying to pay $358.57 for 2 college textbooks. Shouldn't have taken 2 hours that was mainly the fault of AMEX who has the absurd belief that paying off your balance is an act of terrorism. (Operator told me with full snooty attitude on high that they have the right to not apply payment for 21 days even when the bank sends the money to be sure that the money really has been sent. So having it removed from my account and sent to you electronically is not enough?!?!? Next month I'm going to pay it with a check at the store and hopefully that will work better.)

I still need 2 other textbooks and I'm flat broke. Unless I want to play pay-a-bill-skip-a-bill, I'm going to need a miracle to have a good semester. I paid over $100 last semester for a book I used for 6 weeks (summer session) and got back $23 from buyback. Ain't life grand. I don't have a man but I can always enjoy a good screw from someone if I look hard enough. ;)

Thankfully, I joined on with a program and I got the books for one class for free but the other 2 classes, I'm not really confident of getting my books. I hope to do the skip-a-bill thing and pay for it next month. The paycheck upcoming I can't play around with because that's my rent check and I have two other bills on it that come out automatically from my checking account so there's no real give on this check.

Hopefully, everything will work out well and I won't get too many marks against my credit just to get my college education.

Watching the Olympics and rooting for May-Walsh to get the gold in beach volleyball. I can hear the buzzer for some laundry and know I need to put it into the dryer so I can be done with it but honestly it will get all wrinkly. No hope for it as I started the load to late to avoid this. I'm really sleepy and know I won't be getting up to unload until the morning.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rambling On

I got a B in Anatomy & Physiology I. I wanted an A to make Fall Semester easier but I didn't get that.

I did get an A in Psychology and my professor's encouraging words really influenced me. So much so I decided to major in Psychology as well as International Business/Finance. I sent her an email telling her what her kind words did to me and she responded with thanks but then went on to say I should join Psi Beta, the psychology honor's society.

Umm... yes please. I would dearly want to get some scholarships and like many other academics I want letters by my name and the acceptance of my peers (you know the intelligencia). Always nice to know you're wanted.


At work, Paula has moved over to the numbers side. At work Accounting (the dept I work in) is on one side of the space and everyone else is on the other. Paula D. has moved over to the numbers side and it's great. She's so sweet and funny and she puts up with me. I just simply love having her here.


Now that I don't have to drive into another city for school 4 days a week I have the time and inclination to go to the movies. Here are my thoughts on the movies I've seen recently.

Dark Knight

Rocked balls. They wrote a really great script which is 90% of the great movies and they sensibly kept the special effects as only frosting to a well made cake of a movie (only 2-10%).

I really think Albert is underrated in this movie ashis speech about how some men just want to see the world burn is totally true. I liked how they mixed real personality with the characters and didn't lose focus by getting caught up in the cartoony nature of the villains.

Rating: A+


More Will Ferrell retardation which I love. He's one of the few actors whose movies I must see the first 2 weeks they open but I'm in no way inclined to see it again. This movie will be added to that list.

Really good script and I like how they mocked the Peter Pan men that roam the earth. The white poop licking wasn't necessary but made the ending make more sense and let's face it if you can't end a movie by using children to beat other children then you're not in America.

Rating: B

Pineapple Express

Seth Rogan et al. are growing on me. He's the new Will Ferrell in that he knows his body isn't the best and he knows just how to reveal it to get a laugh but not seem like he's making fun of himself. The script rocked balls and made the movie. The script was 95% - 98% of the movie and the special effects were virtually none exsitent. The other percentage was the acting and how these crazy people all fit together.

I didn't want to see this movie because there was little released about the movie and I don't like Seth Rogan flicks but I'm going to have to go to Blockbuster and rent some because I have new respect for him. The entire reason I saw this movie was because James Franco was in it and I just love the way he gives face to the camera.

You know how Johnny Depp manipulates his face and Jim Carey over does it? That's James Franco and he simply rocks. I love him and he's the reason I didn't waste $8 but spent 2 lovely hours cracking up in the theatre.

Rating: A+

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Really cute but absolutely predictable and I didn't like the acting at all. None of the girls really stood out except the goth chick and that was only because she was dating that really cute Asian guy that was in 21 (The Vegas card counting movie).

Absolutely nothing special. See this on video or give it a miss.

Rating: D


I've been trying to lose weight for many moons now and haven't been able to lose an ounce. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency and it impaired my ability to lose weight. Once it was corrected I suddenly lose 20 lbs overnight for no reason. Then I started eating grits and gained back 10, so I threw out all the grits and haven't eaten any sense.

I'm a huge fan of the BBC America show, You Are What You Eat and decided to look to see if there was a book at my libarary from the show and sure enough there was. I really like this plan as it's something I can do for the rest of my life and lets me eat a variety of foods and doesn't require me to look like a fool if I go out with my friends.

So I'm going to buy the book from Amazon and incorporate it in my life and hopefully I will lose weight.

However, a major part of losing weight is exercise. I meant to start working out on Monday but keep forgetting to get on that first thing when I wake up. Without that I don't get it done and so I'm berating myself. I really want to lose weight... but am afraid I am not committed to doing what it takes to lose the weight.

That's about it.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Threading the Brow


How cool is this thing!!! I’ve never tried threading before and for someone who is EXTREMELY eyebrow obsessed this is a must do and a must do on a regular basis at that lest I wake up yelling at Ernie.

A friend from work tells me about a threading shop all the way on 1960 which is great because it’s close but sucks because it’s 20-30 min drive with GOOD traffic and on 1960 good traffic is a rarity. Then suddenly she announces that there is a girl at Woodlands Mall who does threading for $10 right in front of Macy’s and I give her the Scooby Doo Huh before starting my break dancing routine to Hansel’s Messiah.

How cool is that? I’m within walking distance of the mall and finally I can have really decent eyebrows instead of a tribute to the nature channel hanging over my eyes.

I immediately go to the mall and get sidetrack by the Payless store right outside Macy’s and purchase two pairs of shoes. One are slides that I wear around work which are a bit more professional mainly because these have a heel in comparison with the slides they are replacing and a pair of round, open toe high heel shoes, wide width.

I absolutely love Payless. Their quality has improved tremendously and they are really the only shoe store that carries wide width shoes and so I’m all about the Payless. Total price less than $40.

Then I continue down the hall looking for the girl. She’s in a mall kiosk along with a woman that does henna tattoos and I completely miss her because she’s on the opposite side of the kiosk from where I’m walking. When I get to the end of the hall I look back and then ask a girl at another kiosk if she knows about the threading and she points me to the right kiosk.

Not the best atmosphere for beauty care, I’ve ever experienced, even for $10. People are walking by and occasionally I can feel them brush the chair which makes me uncomfortable.
As I sit down there are photos of the same face with different obviously computer drawn eyebrows on them that state the name of the stars that allegedly have that shape of brow. The Uma, The Julia, The Zeta-Jones, etc., etc.

I looked for a second and decided to ask her which would look best on me and she touches my face and finally says I have a natural arch and she’ll just use that. At first the threading did hurt, but much less than waxing and plucking does so I was cool but it felt weird as I wasn’t used to the sensation.

Then I get used to it and don’t feel it anymore.

One thing I learned other than threading doesn’t really hurt: I’m an aesthetic freak.

Yeah, I absolutely love the feel of things. I’m not in a relationship and haven’t been for several years. But when she would touch my face it was really intoxicating. I also liked how her breath floated down on my face and reminded me of sex. Not that I’m getting all into the taste of her cherry chapstick if you know what I mean but I miss those little things about being with another person that are hard to duplicate by yourself.

So in the end I came out of the mall with 2 pairs of shoes, fantastic eyebrows, and a sharper sense of loneliness.

The loneliness versus shoes puts me sharply in deficit as shopping only acerbates problems. However, the eyebrows puts me firmly in the black because they made me feel better, look more attractive, and would surely land me a mate.

I mean the first thing a guy looks at are the eyebrows, right?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ninja Warrior & OT

So I had to run company errands today and it was awesome. I got to kill over an hour by taking the company car for an oil change and inspection. It rained like God down an entire keg before sex and his split stream wetted the world.

Before that I ran to the post office and chatted up the lady in line who was considering retirement. We chatted for a bit and I'm pretty chatty the PO closes at 4:30 and it was 4:00. I turned for a brief second and saw about 5 people in line. I always hate those people who chat on when I'm waiting in line so I immediately stopped midsentence and said goodbye. She started to keep talking and then stopped and said goodbye in answer to my see you later and she called the next person. I know working for the PO sucks royally but don't liven up your day at other people's expense. That was rude of her to talk to me when others are waiting. You could tell these people were rarin to go. I was the only one in line when I started and suddenly 6 people arrive and do the revving thing where they constantly think they can step up and then stop and then start then move back and bounce in place. It was cute but I've been there so I walked.

Right now I'm getting my transvestite fix from watching Ninja Warrior. I'm not sure how ass backward America is in relation to other cultures and sex but Japan just comes right on out there. They've got like four of them though on the most recent shows they have none. I really miss them they were the highlight of the show with their outfits and flexibility and hard muscles.

God bless the gays they are the only men who know how to flaunt themselves.

I worked out twice this week and loved it. I did a Body Pump class where I lifted weights for 45 minutes and came out feeling like I'd done something. Last time I took this class I used 1 pound weights on the end of my bar. Every one said how they had to soak after their first class and how tired they felt. I left feeling like whatever. This time I almost went to 2 & 1/2 pounds on each end instead I did two 1 pound weights and left completely tired and sore. I love that feeling it's great.

Today I did Body Combat which I also loved even though I was obviously the odd man out with my retarded mind not able to get the moves until well after everyone else was doing them but I felt like in a week or so I'd be able to do them. I didn't give up and it was a fun class.

I switched over to BBC American and am now watching That Mitchell and Webb Look. This show is so funny. I love British culture and they mock it so lovingly. They are thorough and don't miss a trick.

I'm tired and just found out that I have to work extra hard next week due to our home office not telling my boss he would be missing work for audits right before his vacation. So I'm going in over the weekend and working and I'll be going in during the week and working as well. I still haven't gotten my government stimulus check yet and need as much OT as I can get.

Oh yeah, the CEO of my company told me that they'd figured out a way to pay for my college classes. I was ecstatic. I'm going to be reimbursed and be able to pay on my loan or have a good time in Paris. Which ever makes more sense.

We'll see how adult I am later in the blog.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gardening is a Spark a Minute

I've got a garden in my patio. It's pretty unusual to have a garden except when you have a house, even townhouses don't come with gardens but thankfully I do have one and it's my first.

The problem is I don't want to spend the money on the supplies to get my garden in shape. I need a shovel in order to dig up the crap (rocks, hard useless dirt, clay, roots, and other debris) that currently makes my garden.

I used a reference from a co-worker to get a yard guy and he stopped by and looked at my garden and said he would dig it up, put down fresh dirt, and haul off the old for me all for the bargain price of $75. That's a bit much but I was willing to pay for it mainly because it saved me time. I work 8-5 Mon-Fri and 2-9 Sat & Sun on top of that I'm in college full time. This means whatever time I have to spare, I spend sleeping.

Unfortunately, the guy is technically 2 weeks late and I decided to do it myself. That means I needed the tools to do the job which is not what I wanted. What am I going to do with a shovel after I'm done with it? This was swiftly corrected by a little known fact. Men love shovels.

I have no idea why, what the shovel signifies within the male psyche but men have multiple shovels. I asked my boss and he said sure he'd loan me a shovel but which kind did I need. I only know of two the smooth edge and the pointy one. I said the pointy one so I wouldn't need a hoe. He nods and says he'll bring it for me and he did. I also told my coworker at my w/e job and he let me borrow the smooth edge one. During both of these asking conversations I was made to feel an idiot for not having a shovel of my own as apparently in man culture you are given a shovel to symbolize your entrance into adulthood whereas women get tampons that they bled on and then throw away.

I must say I like the man culture tradtion much better.

My apt. complex specifically said they loved their tenants to garden in the spaces provided but they didn't want the unwanted dirt just thrown willy nilly anywhere or thrown into the dumpsters. When the dump trucks come the dirt goes everywhere and it kills the grass if it sits there in the heat for days on end. So I need to dump the dirt and I don't have a wheelbarrow or a sweet yard guy to cart it off for me.

How did I resolve this problem? I moved recently and still have boxes laying around. I put a trash bag in a box and put the dirt in there. I need like 12 more boxes to make this technique really work but it's all I got for now.

I've recently bought a digital camera so I'm hoping to take pictures as my garden progresses. It will make me feel like Tim from Home Improvement. Remember when they shows his progress with the car and how it had taken him like 4 seasons to build it. Le sigh.

Anyways, it's 9pm which is perfect gardening time during the summer in Texas so I'm off to hoe and dig. Then back in to sleep to rise early and work out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still No Exercise But Learning is Occurring

So I still haven't managed to get to the Y to work out but I'm aiming for tomorrow. I really want to work out more but I just don't have the time. Two jobs and full-time school can put a crimp in someone's schedule.

When I'm done writing I'm going to finish watching Family Guy (Stewie's into gymnastics, Mr. Pewterschmidt has lost all his money, and Peter is showing his strict Catholic father's neglect by being all needy around his super-mean father-n-law. [Why would someone keep salt and barbwire together in a jar?]), put out my clothes for tomorrow, then go shower and go to bed. My energy is highest in the mornings so I need to be ready to go in the morning and then head out or else I'll never work out.

I decided against testing out of my computer science course and taking it. It's uncertain if the college I want to attend will take the credit without the grade as that's done on a case by case basis. If I take the class I'm pretty much guaranteed an A since I know the majority of the material already. That's a win-win situation whereas the testaking leads a stress-maybe win- possbily lose-situation. Gambling's only fun with other people's money.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No Exercise & The Run Around

I have not worked out since the last spinning class. That class made me soooo tired and gave me a cramp in my right calf muscle that lasted for three days.

Due to work pressures and rushing to finish my last assignment for my mini-mester I didn't have time to work out during the week. I feel really bad. I need to lose a massive amount of weight and even though I'm eating much healthier than I have in the past I have trouble losing weight due to a vitamin D deficiency. I really need to exercise to change my metabolism.

Now that I'm working out I notice that I'm starving sooner than usual and my blood sugar drops accordingly. This means I'm really hungry and not just bored out of my mind by another day at the office.

I meant to go work out yesterday but due to the run around I didn't have time for that either.

I start Summer I session class on Monday and needed to get my books as well as have the book store buyback the books I already purchased.

I got back $200 bucks for the books I spent $500 on, which isn't that bad. I bought a teacher's edition by accident (darn Amazon) and one book had been discountinued so the college bookstore didn't give me anything for those books but their off-site bookstore rival did ($35) so I'm pretty happy.

I used book vouchers ($500) to pay for the books for the four classes I've signed up for. I've also signed up for some MicroSoft courses. I'm helping everyone at work with their spreadsheets and things so I might as well be able to prove to the world my MS competency. I'm taking the MS Word and Excel courses so I can take the MOUS exam for those lines. Then I'm going to take the PowerPoint and Access lines next year. These classes end in October right before I leave for Paris in November so I'm pretty happy that I'll be certified before I go.

I've got my History and Computer Science book in a brand new back pack I purchased. I wanted something different from the massive purse I've been carting around. This is a wheelie backpack which is the kiss of death on school campuses everywhere because of its nerd association, but I love it. I've got it filled to the brim with books and I'm rocking on with it. Usually, I read magazines while at work (What? Don't judge me. It's the perk of being an operator.) but today I'm going to read my text books so I'm ahead of the game. When classes start tomorrow, I'll be ready to rock and roll from the beginning.

Yee Haw!!!!!! Let's get this party started folks!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Vodka & Smells - A in Social Psychology

I finished my Social Psychology class and I got an A in it. Every tabernacle choir on earth should do a simultaneous hallelujah. Hopeful this isn't one of the signs of the apocalypse and Armageddon starts immediately because I'm celebrating.

Y Y Y Y I I I I I P P P P P P P P E E E E E E E E E E E E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


I love living in the burbs. I would love living in the city too, but I especially love living near where I work. I get to go home for lunch, could technically walk there if there wasn't a large freeway seperating things. Who knows if one day I actually learn to ride a bike, I may actually stop driving there and back. Go planet earth!

The one problem has been housing. I don't believe in buying a house unless you have kids as a single person it just seems like a waste of electricity and water and not to mention you suddenly either need to become a DIY queen who knows how to mow the lawn or else find a good yard and handy man to take care of things.

I've always lived in one-bedroom apartments. Nothing special just enough space for me but too cramped really because I have so much crap.

I've upgraded to a 2 bedroom apt recently and just love all the space. I've recently taken up sewing and knitting and now have a seperate room for my crafts. I have my bedroom as an entire closet because I only have one TV and due to an unseemly TV addiction I have to sleep with the TV on.

Now, I've come up with the idea to make my master bedroom into an office, especially since I'm in school. I even looked into getting a murphy bedroom. Someone is proud of themselves for inventing that thing. 5Gs for that thing, are you kidding me? Then they tell me that since they have to install it into both the walls and the floor that it would technically become property of my apt. complex because although they allow things in the walls but not the floor. So I'm going to spend 5Gs on a place that's not mine. Ummm.... no I don't think so.

Right now I'm saving for my trip to Paris and I can't afford the murphy bed or even the cheaper option of a fold out couch so I'm keeping things as is.

The one thing I really objected to about this apartment which is great in every way, is the smell. Every time I walk in the front door I'm remind of getting the sloppy seconds from homosexual dog breeders. As soon as I step foot in my apartment, I get the whiff of the collected drippings from a well used anus and a giant hairy dog who likes to roll around a muddy garden. It stunk to high heaven. No matter how much febreeze I tried no matter the candles I lit or the renuzit odor killer thingies I got that smell just lingered on and on.

Finally I remembered something I'd read. If you leave out bowls of vodka for a day or so, the vodka will absorb the smell and you can even reuse the vodka if you wanted to.

I went and caught the cheapest vodka I could find - McCormick Vodka for $6.95 for 32oz. I left a bowl out in every room and overnight the smell was gone. I've left them out all week and no more smell.

Le sigh, if only you could get rid of man that easily.

On second thought, you can.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book Vouchers & The General Run Around

I use student loans to pay for school. This year my college started allowing book vouchers to be used for loans as well as grants. After I was told this and then went out and paid off several credit cards like a silly nanny. So I've been waiting to get an email from the college telling me that my book vouchers were ready. I waited and waited and since classes start on Monday I knew I needed to act.

I went to the college only to find that the college does not give book vouchers for loans, only for grants.

What kind of shananigans are these people playing? Why can't things ever go smoothly for me?

I got this kick in my teeth on my lunch hour while I stupidly waited 20 mins for nothing for the head Financial Aid counselor to come back from the restroom which actually was her lunch break. (That was fun. Everyone likes to waste time, right.)

So at 5 pm, I left work and ran to the financial aid office, to see if I could catch the elusive counselor. She had already gone for the day (her hours are 9 am - 3 pm, must be nice!) and so I waited in a line of two (I was the second person) for both counselors to help the man with his one issue. (See the picture of incompetence, I'm painting here.) Finally, one of the counselors figured out that it didn't take two brains to deal with his issue especially since she was the mainly silent one who only nodded and repeated what the other counselor said like a parrot. After a loud sigh and a hard look she got the point and stepped back which made the first counselor relax and laugh. (Doesn't every woman want another woman's tits on her back as she leans over a desk? No? Seriously? Why not?)

After she was done staring into space and showing off her chameleon color-changing face skills, she turns to me and asks if she can help me. (Not sure, sweetheart. Can you?) Her co-worker looks up at me, shakes her head, points her index finger at the ceiling in the universal signal for just a moment. Another color change series went over her face and I decided to be nice and said, I'm here for book vouchers. She nodded and turned to a box behind her and looked up my name. Surprisingly she found four for me.

I was ecstatic. Yeah!!! I could now get my books on time for class. Yippee!! However, home skillet was not done with her moron routine. While the first counselor went to the back to get a form for the gentleman ahead of me in line she looked over each voucher and said loudly, "You've got four vouchers. Whoa what's up with that?"

The first counselor merely paused for two seconds before continuing on as she shook her head in disgust. After a FULL MINUTE of flipping again and again looking at the book vouchers she finally asks me how many credit hours I have. I pause because I really don't know. I have some classes with 4 credits while others are 3. She looks up and says you have 16 credit hours? I nod because it sounds good to me. (Rounding up, it works well for everyone.) For summer she asks? What semester is this? Why would I need book vouchers for a semester that is not coming up. Her fellow counselor sighs, almost turns, shrugs, gestures toward the moron helping me and whispers to the guy she's helping. Obviously she does not suffer fools gladly.

Finally she tells me that I have to sign each book voucher. I nod and look on her desk for a pen and she puts her hand out to block my search and say............

What for it...........................

One at a time.

Now this got even me. How stupid do you have to be to realize people only sign with one hand, one page at a time? When did you EVER see different?

Now to be fair, both of these ladies were poor at customer service. Whatever grievance you have with your co-worker you should keep that behind the scenes. They both made themselves look stupid, one because she couldn't hide her emotions and the other because she didn't have enough brain cells to breathe, talk, and think at the same time.

Oh well, I immediately went out and put my book vouchers to use and got all my books but for one course. For that, I'll have to go to a different book store as I'm an online student and I can't buy used books and need to have a CD for one course.

All is irrelevant, as I have my book vouchers and I don't need to spend my own money.


I'm still sore from that stupid spinning class. I want to like this class so much but it is VERY painful. I can't believe when I take a weight lifting class it's nothing I regret not using more weight but I sit on a bike and move my legs for 20 MINS and I feel like I've been in a car accident.

Jeez, they've got to make that spinning machine much better. I'm listening to a book on tape about how pirates really lived and let me tell you how similar this machine is to the tortures back in the day.

But I digress, I'm planning on going to another spin class tomorrow. I'm not going to go out like a Ninja Warrior Tranny versus the jump hang. No freakin' way. I'm beating this thing if it's the last thing I ever do.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aliens and Spincycles

I've gotten through my first semester of college and it was a doozy. Disappointed by my C in Spanish but I deserve it because I didn't do the homework for 2 chapters. I'm planning on retaking this class after I get my Associates because that will bring my GPA up. Right now it's running at 3.142 which is a B but I'm hoping to bring it up. I'm taking Social Pscychology as a mini-mester and making an A so if I can bring that one on home, my GPA is a rising.

Started to go to Spinning class. I went through the home ownership thing and the DVDs but I'm inconsistent. I need something that 's not boring and everyone at work recommended the Y. So I joined and started taking classes there. Everyone there is supersweet. I love that place. I've been a member of 24-hour fitness but they actively make fun of everyone. Here people keep that to a minimum and you get active encouragement from absolutely everyone.

Now, since I was a child, I've had a quest to compete in a triathlon. I can run, don't get me wrong, I've got that skill down. I can't swim and I don't know how to ride a bike, so it looks like marathon for me but I'm determined to actually do a triathlon. Part of that is learning to swim, which the Y has several classes on. The other is riding a bike. The spin cycles are very much like a bike. I didn't know that until I spoke with a co-worker and she confirmed it.

Let me tell you what spin class is like. Spin class is the testing ground for future alien abductees. That bike seat is the gynecological (sp?) equivalent to your annual exam. The seat divides your buttocks perfectly in the middle and firmly inserts itself ever deeper into your anal cavity. I know aliens are observing every spinning class in the world to see who takes to this thing the most eagerly and they are pegged for future transport and further investigations.

Why, oh why, is this seat so uncomfortable and downright painful. I don't understand it. I didn't last 5 minutes in my first class mainly because of the seat. I couldn't sit down and ride and I could stand and pump (pointing toes and bad shoes led to foot cramps). Yesterday I went back and made it 20. I'm determined to make it through an entire class but I need to buy something to go over the seat to make it. If it wasn't for the girl in front of me wearing a triathlon t-shirt, I wouldn't have made it. I stared at her shirt like it had a map to Johnny Depp's penis on it and kept on going.

Whew, it's got to be easier than this.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This is my first blog post. I'm sitting in my new apartment after the hell that was moving enjoy the genius that is Robot Chicken.

Who knew if the X-Men all got killed Xavier would be so desperate for recruits he'd turn to the Police Academy recruits? Implausible but highly amusing.

Just back from the mall where miraculousy I signed up for a great many store credit cards and got them all. But on top of that apparently the store credit cards now have VISA/MC logos on them so you get to use them everywhere.

Totally awesome!! I'm super excited about getting to buy crap again after many years of paying off my former debt. Kind of dumb to get right back into it but I sort of need it now that my clothes have worn out.

Trying to hook up with a guy I met on craigslist who I'll call Tyler. Hope to meet up with him and that he's cool.

I've got plans for other blogs but this is good enough for now.