Wednesday, May 19, 2010

iPhone & Me

I just got the iPhone. It was actually in my hands a couple of weeks ago but that was during finals week so didn't matter.

I really want to be a techie person and have lots of gadgets but I'm not that way. I've only got a few on there so far.

Bejeweled 2 - Favorite thing so far!
Alarm Clock
Good Reader (to read pdf and other software)
aNote (to do list)
Couch to 5K (I really want to be a marathon runner and this app is supposed to help)
Ambiance (white background noise)
Flashcards (to help me study different subjects)
Math Ref
Word Search

I've already begun to not play with it as much but let's face it, I don't have a high powered job and I'm not needed 24/7. This fun is my wii on the go.

Speaking of Wii, when I got the iPhone, I also got the bundle package from AT&T which means me and Comcast have parted ways. Also, it means that I'm saving between $60 - $80 a month. I'm waiting to confirm for sure since I haven't had actual bills yet. It also means, I had an adventure with the cable guy.

Let's start off with the window shall we? Everyone knows, when you order cable you get a window of service from the company. The window I got to choose was 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm and I liked that window. It was reasonably small and meant I could go for a late lunch and be back to work.

The really sweet guy who showed me a pic of his wife and kid assured me that this would be the case and that all would be well. Not sure why I fell for that line but I just liked the guy and wanted to believe him.

The guy shows up about 2:15 pm and didn't call before he arrived like the store guy said he would because of the hook up he had. He left a bit before 7 pm.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep and didn't call into work until 4 pm. My boss, didn't chew me out but he did stress letting him know before hand. (I've got to work on this wishful thinking = reality stuff.)

In the end, not only did the nice man get me AT&T cable but he also hooked up my Wii and showed me how to log on to it.

So far. Not really happy with AT&T. Mainly it's channel and remote confusion that is causing the problem. I'll see in a couple of weeks once I've made sure I have the shows I want being recorded if all is well.

I do like the option of being able to go online to record shows. That could really help me in getting my act together on the recording front.

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