Friday, July 31, 2009

Who Gonna Check Me, Boo? - Or Atlanta Chicks Have Balls

So, The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered its second season last night.

Loved it!!!

NeNe and Sheree are back to being friends. Sheree had the nerve to pimp her She by Sheree line by wearing a t-shirt on the show but the producers treated her like she was pregnant and hid her behind wine bottles, a kitchen island and friend with a cute haircut.

Sheree's husband isn't paying the bills and she's got to support herself on a more limited budget. So instead of getting a "real" job she decides to throw herself a freedom party and move into a smaller house.

This small little thing (biting the style of Shannon Moakler) cost her so much in time but gained her much TV respect and drama. The party planner (why can't she just have friends over and some cake with pigs in a blanket?) Anthony doesn't listen to her much like her former assistant who gave a great face pretending to care but didn't do a whole lot of much. This time she gets more than a bad guest list she gets cussed out, threatened, and then her mother insulted.

Absolutely fantastic. Haven't seen all this kind of something come from nothing since I was in school.

NeNe is doing well, she needs help decorating her new house but who doesn't and with her gay husband Dwight on duty she'll have her house being the best of the best in no time.

Lisa is Lisa being all sweet and bitchy at the same time but managing to make the sweet come out more. She was the one who told Sheree about NeNe singing and ended Kim's friendship with NeNe and I just don't trust her. Why didn't she just stay out of it like DeShawn did?

Speaking of the removed one her replacement is Khandi who is in the music industry and (unlike the others) really makes her own money. She has one daughter and is engaged to someone with 6 (yes, that's right SIX) kids. Her daughter is NOT happy with this wedding and refuses to call her future steps her sisters/brothers but instead calls them "friends" (did Sheree coach her to say that?)

I loved the show and missed it desperately when it was away. I like how these shows boil down the nothingness of life and make it look like something.

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