Friday, June 12, 2009

Housing Scarage

I'm building a house and would love to move into it. However, the problem is with the economy being what it is right now I'm worried that even though I'm pre-approved for a loan that during closing they will reject me. I've put down $1K in earnest money which is not something I want to lose but I've made up my mind that with the remaining $9K I've saved for the down payment that I'm going to Paris.

I live in a pretty great 2 bedroom apartment and I'm happy here except for the parking situation. I kind of have a curfew of 9 pm because if I get home any later than that I don't have a place to park. I really don't like having a million mexicans partying on the weekends and having to deal with walking through the condom minefield to my door because the teens are leaving the house and having quickies right out in God's house (AKA parking lot bushes).

I would love to have a garage and not worry about the weather to get to my car. I would love to be able to put my favorite designs into practice from my favorite DIY shows. However, I'm really nervous that this can not come to be. I'm hopeful but I've done some dumb things that could hurt me. #1 is co-signing on my sister's car as she has rarely paid the bill on time and now she's going to be over a month late for some BS reason.

Piece of advice to the planet. DO NOT CO-SIGN FOR ANYONE!!!!

Le sigh. Whatever. I've got Plan A and Plan B so I'm not worried but just getting anxious until I know things for sure.

Here's to hoping and wishing.

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