Monday, August 16, 2010

Handy Man Special Day!

So KD is my local handyman. Since buying the house, I've not let the little matter of not being able to fix anything or put things together stop me.

So as I'm at work my handyman is at my house putting together the following:

  1. Exercise equipment (spinning bike, treadmill)

  2. Weed Whacker

  3. Two small 3-shelf bookcases

  4. Pumping up tires on my bike

Hopefully all will be done and dude won't have to spend too much time doing it since I'm paying for it.

What I'm Reading Now:
A Year in the Merde by Stephen Clarke

This book was awesome. The author found a contract job in Paris and had such minor little BS things happen that with his wit he blew them up into fantastic stories. The receptionist was plain faced and mean, HR was rude, blah blah blah. The thing that saves him is his boss who sets him up and causes an almost national scandal by importing mad cow beef from England into the country and illegally sublets apartments.

A fast read once I got into and very well worth a read. I only read it because I'm headed to Paris in November but I'm glad that I did.

What I'm Listening to at Work Right Now
Our Man in Jamaica

BBC Radio 7 radio play about Noel Coward as a British spy trying to take down Castro. Very funny with Noel getting tons of great lines and everyone seeming so realistic and fantastic.

What I'm Listening to in the Car Right Now
Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris

It's the monster's beginnings. Hannibal lived in Russian territory and his sister was cannabilized before his eyes he became a mute and went on to conquer the minds of millions.

Very slow going because the author is reading and he's not doing a good job. Forgetting to change his voice and being very monotone. The story is excellent, however, when listening to a book the voice is everything and not the author's words.

As I wrote this post, I'm at work and the weather did a massive shift. The wind has picked up and it's gotten much darker. Going to rain soon and I'm glad. Will save money on having to water my lawn.

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