Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here's Johnny!

So I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan and go to see all of his movies - usually multiple times (Yes, even Pirates 3). I mean the man has a private island and those things are expensive to run, he needs my money to get it done right.

He's got a movie about to drop called, The Tourist, that he did with Angelina Jolie. For some reason, she's got her accent from Tomb Raider and he sounds like he's JM Barre (Peter Pan).

All that I can forgive, but even I soundly object to Johnny's usual rattails morphing into a bad Victorian wig. Seriously, what did he tell his chick when he got back to the trailer:

Johnny's French chick: Oh, now you're hair is naturally curly, oui?
Johnny: With a little help from others, darling.

The next best thing is the fact that Jennifer Connolley's husband, Paul Bettany, is in this.

I'm holding opinion on the chemistry between the main characters as I think Johnny works well with everyone and AJ can do the same morphing thing but there are times when that sameness can become irritating and false since neither person is giving anything genuine to work off of.

For those of you who read my blog and are interested, here you go.

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