Thursday, September 16, 2010

JHud is Losing It Like She's Getting Paid for It!!!

Jennifer Hudson, she of American Idol / Showgirls has lost another 20 pounds and is fitting into size 6s and 8s.

I am really proud of her, as any new mother knows, those doctors really stress proper health and good weight management to have a healthy baby. Ever since JHud had her baby she's been on a weight loss kick.

She first just lost some weight then suddenly Weight Watchers got her to be a spokeperson and after that sister has been doing it for herself (what? her wallet is attached to her so same thing!).
I think she looks great but the comments below are disheartening. They alter between keep it real ("why all this over the top promotion about being thin") to grief ("I feel like we lost a comrade to the other side") and also praise at how JHud looks good now and did before.

I am plus size myself and I don't like it. You have to be positive when you're in this state or else it leads to depression.

I know I'm working at becoming smaller but this is difficult to impossible for various reasons but at least I'm trying.

I admire JHud for her weight loss and her stance on both sides of the issue. You can't be plus size forever and stay healthy. Hopefully she will be happy at a good size and be an inspiration to many others.

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